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Jain PU College, recognized as the very best PU College in Bangalore, is thrilled to announce the initiation of applications for the upcoming academic year. With an extensive variety of courses covering Science, Commerce, Arts, and Humanities, Jain PU College stands apart as the premier institution for students aiming for a thorough and enhancing educational experience tailored to their enthusiasms and aspirations.

Jain PU College has actually consistently protected its position as the Top PU College, drawing in students looking for an all-inclusive education that transcends traditional boundaries. The college, geared up with cutting-edge facilities, differentiated professors, and an undeviating commitment to holistic development, empowers students to master their chosen fields. The two schools located in VV Puram and Jayanagar offer a wholesome academic experience for students from across the country.

Key Features:

Advanced facilities and fully equipped laboratories for Science students.
Comprehensive Commerce curriculum developed to meet industry needs.
Dynamic Arts and Humanities programs promote imagination and crucial thinking.

Amazing Collaboration: MoU Signed with Yeshas Academy and Allen Institute

In a memorable stride towards academic quality, Jain PU College has created strategic collaborations to raise the educational experience for its students. Memorandums of Understanding (MoUs) have been signed with Yeshas Academy and Jain College for CA Coaching, along with Allen Institute and Jain College for NEET, KCET/JEE MAINS Coaching.

MoU with Yeshas Academy A Partnership for Success:

This partnership is poised to change commerce education at Jain PU College. The MoU aims to bridge the gap in between academic learning and real-world applications, guaranteeing students are well-prepared for the vibrant company environment.

Yeshas Academy - Yeshas Academy works as a center for commerce education and stands as a top institution for coaching in CA, CS, CPA, US CMA, ACCA. The academy has actually established itself as an indisputable leader in the transformation of young students into remarkable specialists, meeting the vital requirements of the nation.

MoU with Allen Institute - Nurturing Scientific Excellence:

The partnership with Allen Institute, a recognized name in Science education, underscores Jain College's commitment to supplying top-notch education in the Science stream. The MoU is developed to create an environment conducive to clinical expedition and innovation, moving students towards effective careers in the sciences.

Allen Institute - Renowned as a premier coaching institute, Allen concentrates on preparing students for a range of competitive examinations, consisting of JEE (Main+ Advanced), JEE (Main), Pre-Medical (NEET-UG), Pre-Nurture & Career Foundation (Class VI to X, NTSE & Olympiads).

Allen's reputation is built on its dedication to cultivating a robust structure of understanding and concepts in students, setting the stage for their success in competitive examinations and board-level education.

Subject Combinations Tailored to Your Ambitions:

Science Stream:

PCMB (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology).
PCMC (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Computer Science).
PCME (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Electronics).
PCMS (Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Stats).

Commerce Stream:

ABMS (Accounts, Business Studies, Mathematics, Statistics).
ABES (Accounts, Business Studies, Economics, Statistics).
ABEM (Accounts, Business Studies, Economics, Mathematics).
ABECs (Accounts, Business Studies, Economics, Computer Science).
ABSCs (Accounts, Business Studies, Statistics, Computer Science).

Arts and Humanities Stream:

History, Political Science, Sociology, Psychology (HPSP).
Economics, Sociology, Psychology, English (ESPE).
History, Political Science, Economics, English (HPEE).

Why Jain College?

Jain College's track record as the leading PU College for Commerce, Science, and Arts & Humanities in Bangalore is well-earned over 3 decades of legacy. Its extensive curriculum, skilled teaching staff, direct exposure to workshops and projects mentored by industry professionals, and advanced highly boosted classrooms set it apart as a leader in the field of Pre-University Education.

How to Apply at Jain PU College?

Jain PU College invites interested students to get admission through the easy to use online application portal on the college website. The seamless process guarantees a worry-free experience for potential students.

For detailed information on the application top pu colleges in bangalore process, offered courses, and admission criteria, please visit

Jain PU College, synonymous with academic distinction and holistic development, continues to inspire and empower the next generation of leaders across Science, Commerce, Arts, and Humanities.

Contact: +91 7619158068

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